Numm-Art Concept

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The UNESCO 2030 agenda included art as one of the main goals for achieving Sustainable Development.

Cultural heritage is key for developing self-care and self-ness, which we consider priceless values.

We chose NUMM to be housed in the heart of Valle Ghenza, a UNESCO heritage site located in the middle of the Monferrato Casalese area, where Elena and Rossella live: this strategy allowed us to create a spread art gallery thus bringing back to life old exhibition venues rich in culture and history and dismantle the classic concept of permanent art galleries.

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Passion for art combined with operational know-how and genius intuitions

NUMM Contemporary Art was born from Elena Caterina Doria and Rossella Filippini's mutual desire of creating art events by combining passion, aesthetics, cultural heritage, and iconography together with management and executive operation know-how.

Art as a universal language that unites cultures and creates human connection: this is where NUMM lays its foundations. Unforgettable experiences designed to inspire and move.

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Each Italian and international artist featured in NUMM is chosen for its contemporary and uniquely creative approach to art, in any visual art category.

NUMM Contemporary Art aims to support its artists with a dedicated service network that allows for selling unique contemporary artworks with new, traditional, or online methods to new clients, thus allowing the public to enjoy the pleasure of sophisticated and "affordable" shopping.



Elena Caterina Doria was born in Milan, Italy on February 10th, 1965, after graduating from artistic high school, she enrolls in NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) to attend painting, engraving, artistic anatomy, graphic design, and visual communication. In 2017 she moved to Cella Monte, a place surrounded by the Monferrato hills, a UNESCO heritage site where she still lives and works as a designer and visual artist. After many years of working as a digital artist, she grew the need to take a step back and express herself with a more manual and physical approach. Thus, she returned to experience the mellowness of colors, the leap into the unknown given by the manual drawing process, nibs, Indian ink, pens, paint brushes, rough papers, wood, pyrography, etching, and gold leaves. Her art is mostly inspired by natural elements whose rules she changes in an unexpected way. Intrigued by its mixture of details, nature as Elena depicts it is one of wonder, transformation, contamination, and life that evolves while changing shape. The curatorial approach to exhibitions becomes a new role that enables her to transfer her artistic sensibility and communication skills to bring works, artists, and audiences into dialogue.


Born in 1961, Rossella Filippini spent the past 35 years in executive production advisory for public and private events at a national and international level. Over the years, she designed and curated the production of events for some of the major arts & design companies in Europe and Asia, while coordinating the success of big parties for music celebrities, showmen, and royal families in the Middle East. Her firm, Notwork Production, is specialized in consulting the public sector on opening and managing art and touristic venues: from coordinating operational secretariat, to implementing major cultural events.

Rossella has a special focus and passion for consulting and producing young music and visual artists. Her expertise acquired in all areas of event production, combined with the large number of contacts extended throughout the world, enabled her to devise the necessary strategies to make each event a success with audiences and critics.