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Davide Peretti Poggi

Davide Peretti Poggi

Davide Peretti Poggi was born in Bologna in 1967. After completing high school in 1986, he attended a two-year course in Restoration of paintings on wood and canvas at Palazzo Spinelli in Florence, graduating as an "Operator in artistic processing and restoration of paintings" in 1988. He worked as a restorer until 1999.

Born and raised in a family of painters, in addition to his father Wolfango, an internationally renowned Bolognese artist, his maternal grandfather, great-uncle, and uncle were also painters.

He began drawing at a very young age, while his approach to painting came relatively late, around the age of twenty. However, for about fifteen years, he mainly dedicated himself to the restoration of paintings and frescoes. After turning thirty, he felt the need to express his creativity more fully and therefore decided to devote himself exclusively to painting.

In recent years, he has mainly dedicated himself to the human figure, bodies, and portraits, attempting to give shape and representation to an existential condition, seeking to investigate its mystery. From 2010 to 2022, he was a professor of artistic disciplines at the Primo Levi University in Bologna.

The works of Davide Peretti Poggi are present in various private and public collections, including the Carisbo Foundation, Ministry of Economy and Finance in Rome, Duemila Foundation, O.A.S.I., and Agorà.