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Elena Caterina Doria

Elena Caterina Doria

Born in Milan in 1965, after attending an art high school, she graduated from NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), simultaneously following courses in painting, engraving, artistic anatomy, as well as graphic design and visual communication.

After many years of digital creations, she began to feel the need to return to expressing herself through a more manual, more physical approach. Thus, she returned to the thickness of colors, the uncertainty of manual drawing, using nibs, quills, pens, brushes, and rough paper, wood, pyrography, engraving, and gold leaf. Recently, she has developed a fondness for drawing with a BIC pen.

The cornerstones of her artistic expression are clearly inspired by natural themes, but they change the rules unexpectedly; enhanced by the blend of elements, the nature she portrays is one of wonder, transformation, contamination, and life that changes shape and evolves.

"I draw and paint an unusual beauty, not always easy and sometimes irreverent. My art speaks to the curious about nature, it reveals itself to those who ardently desire wonder, and it opens up to those who love to open their minds to the different, the unusual, the unknown."