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Elena Caterina Doria

Elena Caterina Doria

Elena Caterina Doria — Contemporary Surrealism

Elena Caterina Doria was born in Milan, Italy on February 10th, 1965.

In 1990 she moved to Cella Monte, a place surrounded by the Monferrato hills, a UNESCO heritage site where she still lives and works as a designer and visual artist.

After many years of working as a digital artist, she grew the need to take a step back and express herself with a more manual and physical approach. Thus, she returned to experience the mellowness of colors, the leap into the unknown given by the manual drawing process, nibs, Indian ink, pens, paint brushes, rough papers, wood, pyrography, etching, and gold leaves.

Her art is mostly inspired by natural elements whose rules she changes in an unexpected way. Intrigued by its mixture of details, nature as Elena depicts it is one of wonder, transformation, contamination, and life that evolves while changing shape.

“I paint an extra-ordinary beauty, one that is not always easy yet sometimes sacrilegious.

My art addresses those who are naturally eager to discover: my art is made for those who strive to find magnificence and unfolds to the eyes of those who are willing to open their eyes to the unusual, the new, and the unknown.”